Quonset Hut Eggstreme Chicken Coops

Our Quonset Hut line of Eggstreme chicken coops offer a more compact rounded roof with a door(s) in the rear for access. All of the Quonset Hut line of chicken coops comes fully assembled and ready for placement. They are constructed from the same durable and long lasting fiberglass composite materials that are found in our Traditional line of chicken coops. Each has an 8" round screened vent on top or you can upgrade to a solar powered fan version for additional ventilation.
**Our Quonset Hut chicken coops ship fully assembled. Insert the legs into the the steel support base and place your chicken coop.


  • Fiberglass composite construction. Click for more information.
  • Gelcoat surface with molded in barn plank textured finish.
  • Fiberglass floor for easy cleaning.
  • Sliding front Acrylic windows for ventilation with galvanized screen.
  • 8" round top ventilation
  • Lockable nesting box lid.
  • Rear access door with locking latch (3' x 3' model)
  • Rear access doors with locking door handle (4'x4', 5'x6', 5'x8')
  • 10” X 14” chicken door with latches for open and closed positions. (except 3'x3' model which has locking latch for closed position only)
  • Metal frame support base under floor with 18” legs.
  • Chicken Ramp - 5/8" x 5 3/8" x 4' Cedar


  • Choice of main body colors. (Available Colors)
  • Choice of trim colors: (Available Colors)
  • Wheel Kit with choice of standard pneumatic (air) tires or solid (no flat) tires.
  • Anchor Kit
  • Additional Roost Bar
  • Choice of left entry, right entry, or double entry for the chicken door (while facing nest box)
  • Solar powered fan in top round vent
  • Chicken Ramp - 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 4' PVC Board - trim color