Geo Eggstreme Chicken Coops

Our Geo line of Eggstreme chicken coops come in a few different geometric shapes with unique and attractive roof styles. Like the Quonset Hut line, these coops are compact with a single access door for maintenance. Eggs can be retrieved from the nesting area via one or more hinged windows with a locking handle for secured and easy access. The Geo chicken coops are available with two different stand options. First is the traditional steel ring with four legs. Second is a cage made with 1/2" hardware cloth all around and an access door with locking handle. Each Geo chicken coop has an 8" round screened vent on top which can be upgraded to include a solar powered fan. In addition there are two closable vents in the main body painted in the matching accent color. The Geo line of chicken coops requires minimal assembly. They are constructed from the same durable and long lasting fiberglass composite materials that are found in our Traditional and Quonset Hut line of chicken coops.


  • Fiberglass composite construction. Click for more information.
  • Gelcoat surface finish.
  • Tinted Glass window with locking handle for access to nesting area.
  • Large locking door for access to main area.
  • Two closable vents in main body.
  • 8 inch round vent on roof.
  • Chicken Ramp - 5/8" x 5 3/8" x 4' Cedar


  • Choice of main body colors. (Available Colors)
  • Choice of roof/accent colors: (Available Colors)
  • Stand model includes steel mounting ring and 4 legs
  • Cage model includes steel frame with 1/2" hardware cloth all around and an access door with locking handle
  • Wheel Kit with choice of standard pnuematic (air) tires or solid (no flat) tires.
    (on Stand model only)
  • Anchor Kit (on Stand model only)
  • Chicken Ramp - 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 4' PVC Board - trim color